I'm an illustrator based in the Bay Area. I've worked as production artist for companies like Walt Disney Interactive, RockYou and Jam City. What I love about my work is to find creative solutions and come up with a visual language that can be recognized across the globe. Functionality, design, and humor are my main goals.

In my spare time you can find me hiking the trails, crafting a fun project, or whipping up tasty recipes. My personal work is inspired by folk tales, nature and places I have traveled. I hope that through my work I can keep those stories and places alive. Thanks for stopping by!


Children's Books

Game Art


Logo Design

Pattern Design



All Together Labs, Inc

Libertad Creativa

Luminous US

Richter Games

Cetati Studios

IXL Learning

Paper Culture


Jim Keeshen Productions

Munchkin Entertainment

Chapter 11 Studios