I'm an illustrator based in the Bay Area. I've worked as production artist for companies like Walt Disney Interactive, RockYou and Jam City. What I love about my work is to find creative solutions and come up with a visual language that can be recognized across the globe. Functionality, design, and humor are my main goals.

In my spare time you can find me hiking the trails, crafting a fun project, or whipping up tasty recipes. My personal work is inspired by folk tales, nature and places I have traveled.  I hope that through my work I can keep those stories and places alive.  Thanks for stopping by!



Feel free to contact me at samillustration@gmail.com for new projects and creative opportunities




"Would hire Samantha again in a minute. This was a very challenging assignment. She did a wonderful, professional job."

— Michael Richter, Richter Games

"Sam is a tremendously talented and inventive concept artist. she is a valued and valuable member of Disney Intertactive's art community and would be a huge asset to any team she works with. Her work is highly imaginative, yet technically solid and always beautifully executed. She is extremely focused and an incredibly diligent professional – she asks the right questions and works seamlessly and efficiently with her counterparts on the Engineering and Product side. Sam is extremely hardworking, unfailingly cheerful and always hits her deadlines without fail. During the past year I’ve seen Sam effortlessly shift gears from working on one game with a very particular visual style to another game with an entirely different look and feel, all the while continuing to produce beautiful visual solutions as well as remaining completely upbeat. I would recommend Sam without hesitation as a valued co-worker and collaborator."

— Jim Pearson, Art Director

Sam is overall a well-rounded artist. She is very organized, receptive to feedback, and hard-working. I have the pleasure of working with her on Kitchen Scramble. She works with overseas artists as well as keeping all the work in-house on track. She gives great feedback and always know how to deliver the feedback in the most easily digestible possible across multiple cultures. She follows up and cares about what makes highest quality art and pushes the team there. She is a great asset for any company. I highly recommend Sam and would love to work with her again in the future.

—  Charles Suwannaporn , Art Director

I worked with Samantha closely on Family Guy the Quest For Stuff. Samantha is a very talented and organized artist who would often step into the lead role when the lead was unavailable. Working with Samantha was a pleasure, she always took direction easily making sure everything worked well with animation. Samantha excelled at environments, always pushing her work to the next level. Samantha’s attention to detail was a huge asset to our team raising the bar with each release but at the same time always meeting deadlines. I would gladly work with Samantha again and she will be an asset to any team.

— Damon O'Keefe, Animation Director